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A Story Long Overdue

I found this interesting information on Why Libraries Matter, and thought I would share it with you. … Read entire article »

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Be An Advocate!

Speak up! Speak out! Take Action and be an advocate! We all have issues that we are passionate about. Issues that, when raised, cause our hair to raise, our teeth to grind, and nostrils to flare. Sometimes we will even say something, but when we do it is usually to our friends, the guys or gals at the beauty or barber shop. Taking our concerns or grievances to someone who may be able to do something about them—well……… Simply being upset or angry is not enough, expressing our anger to friends, family and associates, is not enough; unless we just simply want to feel better. If we want something to change, we must take action! Being an advocate for the library means taking action; finding the proper forums to take our concerns. Taking action … Read entire article »

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