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When it comes to eBooks, there’s NOT eNOUGH!

Ever wonder why many of your favorite authors aren’t available in an eBook or eAudiobook format from New Jersey libraries? The answer might surprise you. 

The policies of the major publishers concerning selling eBooks to libraries are all different. Your library has to deal with policies like:
• Publishers who refuse to sell eBooks and/or eAudiobooks to libraries;
• Publishers who charge libraries as much as 5 times more than consumers for the same digital content;
• Publishers who embargo their content and will not sell to libraries any newly published digital content;
• Publishers who make digital content available in only some formats (ePub but not Kindle for example).

For years libraries have worked hand in hand with publishers. That relationship has now changed drastically and libraries, including ours, find themselves unable to deliver the digital content library patrons want.

If you would like to let your favorite author and their publisher know that you want to be able to continue to read favorite authors and discover new authors at the library, join our letter-writing campaign! Follow the link to see the policies of major publishers and the authors they represent.  Then send your favorite author a letter c/o his/her publisher.


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