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2018 Message from the President

Message from the President

Hello everyone. Can you believe that 2017 is over? It seemed like the year just started. It went really fast. Maybe that was because the Friends group made great strides and we were fairly active throughout the year.

I won’t reiterate our 2017 accomplishments again as I have bragged several times already. What I will do, is offer up the challenge to Friends members to come together as a group, as a team, to assist with and be part of Friends moving forward with ideas and plans to see what we can accomplish in 2018. Together, as a team, we could make great strides.

I have no doubt that  we have an eclectic group of talented members who would be able to take up this challenge and lend your business, crafting, academic, home and organizational skills/talents into helping to establish standing committees and taskforces.

We are looking to host more educational and entertaining programs, craft and tech workshops, a senior exercise program, fundraisers, revamp the website and more in 2018. The board cannot do that alone, we can only do all of that with your support and help.

I know you are probably thinking to yourself, how much help could they need? Well, if you look back on the programs and events that Friends hosted in 2017 and imagine some of the tasks that may have gone into each: vision, planning, design, promotion, public relations, communication, organization, just to name a few, they speak to the reason help is needed. Each of these tasks would typically be part of a committee such as, Programming, Marketing (Public Relations) or Fundraising. But, in order to form effective committees, we need sufficient members to help do the task work.

If you are not aware, in 2018 the library has the potential to permanently lose county funding. What this will ultimately mean to the library cannot be determined at this point but what it will mean for Friends can. It means that we have to step up our game in our advocating, fundraising and community outreach for the library.  We need to come together with the community to advocate for the good health of our library. As a Friends community, it is up to us to STAND UP for the type of library we want our children as well as ourselves to see and go to. To do this successfully, it is vital that we Not Only get community help but a commitment to Help Make That Difference.

Many of you have a long history with the Pburg library, from your parents to yourself to maybe children to other family members. Think back to that time before the “digital age”. Remember when books only came in hardback, could only be read if opened by hand, when research could only be done with heavy volumes of Britannica encyclopedias, when printing could only be done by printing presses? Well, now we have options: read a hard cover book, soft cover book, digital book or download an e-book; research using hard cover encyclopedias or research the World Wide Web; make paper copies on stand-alone printers or send an electronic request to a printer for copies or, the very latest, 3D prints. You would think this would take less assistance, but it actually takes more.

The world is changing. The needs of libraries are continually changing. Our library has been reaching out to try and embrace these 21st century changes, but with a cut in funding, keeping up with these changes may be challenging and it will be up to us to help with that challenge. The community and Friends must be a team with one goal – HELP SUPPORT THE CONTINUATION OF OUR LIBRARY. HELP SUPPORT FRIENDS.

We have a new Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 term. Everyone is eager to flex their creative muscles to come up with programs and events that will be entertaining to members and the community as well as find resources to develop initiatives that will benefit the library. Just as a reminder, each board member is a volunteer and we are looking for other volunteers to help us achieve our goal. We realize that our members are from various walks of life with different chunks of free time available. So the more volunteers we get to help, the more that tasks can be broken out so that no one person has more than they can handle.

I have a vision. Moving forward into 2018 and beyond, I’d like to see the FRIENDS as a key contributor to the library with book sales and other fundraisers, community programs, community teamwork, collaboration with other community groups and more.

Won’t you be a part of that vision and help it succeed?


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